Launch of ArchAngel Network of Funds

A consortium of superangels and venture capitalists, from the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor ecosystem have come together to create an early stage investment fund to support Canada’s new entrepreneurs and proven innovators. The Archangel founders crafted a purposeful vision as their investment thesis: 

“Accelerate the development and commercialization of any solution that has urgent, national or global need”

We believe that successful early stage investing is about more than capital – it’s about domain expertise and operational experience. Our experience has taught us that the most successful opportunities are those where existing relationships with a broad network of entrepreneurs, industry partners and investors are properly leveraged. 

Aligned with our vision and our deep belief in “giving back” as investors and community leaders, we are launching our fund during this difficult time of the COVID-19 crisis. We will support companies that provide solutions for the difficult economic and health challenges that this unprecedented situation presents to our local and global communities. 

The federal and provincial governments are already providing for countermeasures to COVID-19. The Archangel Network of Funds will augment their efforts with our additional capital, global partner networks, and expertise. Our deep experience with academia, research institutes, and independent inventors  as well as the broad startup ecosystem provide us with visibility and insight in identifying and supporting solutions for COVID-19. We can be more focused in our approach and support opportunities that bring technological advances which have greater promise in the short and mid-term. We understand various paths to markets and we can collaborate with founders to identify and utilize the best paths to local and global markets:

“We have a more pragmatic or practical and more specific approach, custom to specific situations”

While the initial focus of the Archangel Network of Funds is to support entrepreneurs creating solutions for our present COVID-19 crisis, the founders of Archangel have over 60 years of collective experience in coaching founders, mentoring companies, and helping them become global successes.  Archangel will continue to support innovation of all types that will have social and economic impact. Investors benefit from the fund’s general partners, their deep expertise, and the tightly integrated ecosystem of angel investors, VCs, accelerators, and research institutes that they have cultivated. Community members who would like to deploy their capital to help the development of solutions and reduce the time it takes for those solutions to reach the market can learn more at  Together we can provide meaningful impacts on the lives of people throughout the world.